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Google launches new Hangouts apps, aimed for work environments

Google introduces ‘Slack’ like chating applications; Hangouts Chat and Meet. The both apps will comes with G suite, which are turn out to be intended for work environments. Google may push the non – G suite users to use Allo and Duo and roll back current hangouts.


Chat vs Meet


Chat and Meet have many resemblance to Google’s Allo and Duo. Chat like Allo is a messaging app with a lot of premium features like google Calendar integration. On the other hand, Meet is a video conference app like Google Duo which can take up to 30 participants at a time.



The main competition Google may face will be from Slack. Microsoft has its own platform called Microsoft Team. Anyhow, the large number of G Suite customers may help Google to find users, and it is economical to use Hangouts if you are already using G Suite.


Read the official article from Google Blog

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