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Daily Deals Websites

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Daily Deals Websites.

The daily deal business model like Cobone, Groupon etc works by offering retailers the opportunity to market discounted services or products directly to the customers of the deal company. The deal company takes a profit from the deals sold through direct marketing efforts such as email. It benefits both retailers and consumers as retailers build brand loyalty and while quickly moving surplus inventory.
The majority of daily deals websites work directly with local businesses and online retailers to develop a deal offering which includes a significant discount against regular RRP for a particular product. Using the group buying methodology, a minimum and maximum number of deals are made available for sale within a period of time.
Typically, deal of the day sites segment merchandise by specific designer sales. Deals are typically only available for 24 hours, although daily deal websites are increasingly offering alternative, longer deal buying periods to increase sales and allow multiple deals to run in a single location concurrently.
Deal descriptions are emailed to the deal of the day site customers when the deal goes live, often with creative or humorous descriptions. Customers purchase the deal on the deal of the day website (rather than directly from the supplier). The deal websites then retain the customer data, rather than the company offering the deal.
Once the minimum numbers of deals have been sold via the website, customers' credit cards are charged and the deal is delivered as an electronic voucher, redeemable at the retailer or service provider's location. The promotional value of the vouchers purchased from deal of the day websites typically expire after a certain period, but maintain the value at which they were paid for.

The Daily Deals Features include

  • Multiple City Deals
  • Daily Deal Notification
  • Daily Deal Management
  • Business/Company Details
  • Google Map
  • Side Deals & Nearby Deals
  • Recent Deals
  • Share Deals on Social Networking Site
  • Display & Manage Deal Reviews
  • Login & Registration
  • Order Tracking
  • Quick Buy/One Click Shopping
  • Buy/Gift Coupons
  • Referral Incentive
  • Follow Business
  • Buy as Gift
  • Email Template
  • Newsletter/Promotional Emails
  • Donate to Charity
  • Content Management System
  • Database Backup
  • Multi-Currency Option
  • Payment Method
  • Secure Shopping
  • E-Commerce Reports
  • Promotional Discounts
  • Additional Fields for Deals
  • Multiple Featured Deals Under A City
  • Live Chat (Third Party Integration)
  • Advertisement Banner
  • Multi-Lingual
  • RSS Feeds
  • Custom Reports
  • Third Party Mailing Integration
  • Business/Merchant Area
  • SEO (Optional)

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